We Are Positioning Africa to Maximize the Future

We have over two decades of immense contribution to the Information Communication & Technology Sector across Africa.

We Support Tipping
Point Innovation

When it comes to innovation that transforms people and industries, CWG is at the heart of these innovations either as a stakeholder, or a facilitator.

We Power Impactful Solutions Across Africa

We consistently develop and distribute technology solutions that predominantly addresses the needs of businesses, and enables growth.

CWG is a Pan-African systems solutions company which specializes in a wide array of IT services including: communications, and integration services, infrastructure services, managed and support services, cloud services, and software.

As a leading provider of IT services across Africa, CWG operates a firmly established partnership network which connects businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers, utilizing value-added services to help them efficiently drive processes, and improve across their respective activities.

We Are Pan African

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Countries                                    Partnerships

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Operation Hubs                      Awards

Quality Policy

“CWG Plc shall deliver ICT Solutions that will add value to our customer’s operation, meet and exceed our customer’s expectation and we shall deliver them right first time and all the time

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