Asides the quality of offered products/services, customer relations, and branding, there is a secret that successful small businesses leverage on. This secret has helped small businesses become the companies we all know, like and trust. It increases growth exponentially, provides time for business owners to concentrate on core activities, allows room for flexibility, and also enhances decision making.

Research reveals that SMEs are the building blocks of economic growth in developing countries and this propelled us to initiate ways to help boost their advancement.

We discovered that SMEs can leverage the technology provided by Financial Service Institutions to upscale their businesses. The secret to successful SMEs goes beyond raising capital and managing finances. It involves staff management, scalability, and understanding of the market.

Implementing an enterprise resource platform brings with it several advantages, including enhanced collaboration, data uniformity, and streamlined business processes. ERPs can also serve as a handy tool for tracking your business’ efficiency. 

Here are the benefits of tracking business efficiency with ERP:

Enhanced Resource Tracking

Planning and scheduling of resources via SMERP probably give you the clearest view of efficiency at your business. Where are resources being put to their best use? Where are resources stagnating?

Supply Chain Management

Get a 360-view of production, allowing you to identify bottlenecks quickly and easily

Data User Access

ERP allows you to share data safely and efficiently. You can also track who is accessing what and when which provides insights into how efficient your current processes are.

Data Visibility

ERP not only creates data uniformity within your organisation but also allows you to push out more precise and more detailed, real-time data to vendors and partners. Using SMERP in this way can help you track just how efficiently you are communicating with vendors and partners to solidify these relationships and the underlying processes that are at the heart of those partnerships.

Productivity Tracking

ERP is also a great way to track how well everyone is working within your company. Use SMERP to increase worker productivity and track their performance.

The business landscape is constantly evolving as are the needs of the populace of any developing economy; hence CWG developed SMERP as a fulfilment of our promise to constantly seek ground breaking solutions for tackling would-be or existing challenges that would invariably lead to economic growth in the SME sector. 

SMERP puts the power to run your SME like a corporation you dream of in your palms. SMERP gives you ways to view and improve efficiencies in the supply chain, in your workflows, and in how you manage and push out data.