Our Structure

Earlier on in 2016, the group restructured itself into various sector-focused units in order to deliver improved products and services to its customers. The various sectors include:


CWG has installed over 4,000 ATMs and currently supports and manages over 2,500 ATMs on behalf of banks, and the company is taking it further through her ATM AAS initiative. CWG provides cloud services and software solutions to 60% of all financial institutions in Nigeria and has successfully implemented and supported Finacle which is the foremost core banking application for most Nigerian banks. This sector, being one of the flagship sectors of CWG for the last 23 years, focuses more on the commercial banks, MFBs, stockbrokers, mobile money providers, asset management, insurance companies, and PFAs. The company provides products and services such as Finedge, Vericash, ATM AAS, and POS in the FSI space.



CWG provides managed services, IT infrastructure support and integration to major telecommunication giants such as MTN and Etisalat. Also, Cloud services such as the SMERP are being introduced into this sector. 50% of mobile calls are routed through enterprise servers and storage and are managed and supported by CWG. CWG also provides 40% of telecommunications managed services.



CWG provides the E-government solution which creates revenue collection platforms to boost government’s internally generated revenue. Examples of CWG’s current solutions include 3rd party insurance systems which are operational in Kano State, and the permits system which allows for setup and management of permits such as building permits, business permits and stamp duty.



CWG provides the smart utility solution which supports the electricity distribution companies in efficient management and monitoring of energy flow to the end-users. IT solutions are also provided to other utility companies such as waste management firms, transmission companies, natural gas distribution and water corporations. Other solutions offered to this sector include the BillsnPay payment platform and SMERP.



The solutions provided in this sector cuts across all the IT solutions provided by CWG for other sectors (FSI, telecommunication, government and utility). This sector focuses on logistics companies, oil and gas and mining companies, education, SMEs, transportation, retail businesses, NGOs, construction companies, hospitals, agriculture, and professional bodies.