Asides from the quality of offered products/services, customer relations, and branding, there is a secret that successful small businesses leverage. This secret has helped small businesses become the companies we all know, like, and trust. It increases growth exponentially, provides time for business owners to concentrate on core activities, allows room for flexibility, and enhances decision making.

Research reveals that SMEs are the building blocks of economic growth in developing countries and this propelled us to initiate ways to help boost their advancement.

We discovered that SMEs could leverage the technology provided by Financial Service Institutions to upscale their businesses. The secret to successful SMEs goes beyond raising capital and managing finances. It involves staff management, scalability, and understanding the market.

This inspired us to deploy Financial Service Institutions with core operation platforms. These platforms use convenient and impeccable systems that give SMEs the opportunity to collect loans that have easy payment plans. 

One of these platforms is SMERP, an ERP software that enables businesses to manage day-to-day activities such as accounting, inventory, project management, customer management, risk management, compliance, invoicing, and so on. It also includes a customer behavior analytics feature, software that helps you understand how your customers act across each channel and interaction point — digital or non-digital – and what influences their actions.

SMERP is a software platform for time-consuming routine tasks. This software can quickly automate inventory, accounting, and even marketing data, freeing up resources for small businesses to focus on other areas of their operations. SMERP aids accounting, inventory, and even sales management. It is simple to use, adaptable, and well-tailored to specific business requirements. It provides your business with visibility, analytical insights, and governance that can help your business better manage and optimize its innovation portfolio.