Financial Service Institutions

Globally, Financial Services Institutions are constantly undergoing technological upgrades. CWG supports this drive in Financial Technology platforms and provides cloud services and software solutions to about 60% of all financial institutions in Nigeria and has successfully implemented and supported Finacle which is the foremost core banking application in Nigerian banking system. To date, CWG has installed over 4,000 ATMs, currently provides support services and manages over 2,500 of these ATMs on behalf of the banks; whilst taking its commitment to excellence further through her ATM as a Service Initiative.


CWG provides managed services, IT infrastructure support and integration to major telecommunication giants such as MTN and Etisalat. Also, Cloud services such as the SMERP are being introduced into this sector. 50% of mobile calls are routed through enterprise servers and storage and are managed and supported by CWG. CWG also provides 40% of telecommunications managed services.

Public Sector

This sector is responsible for deploying Technology Solutions to assist and support different tiers of Government in their bid to improve the lives of her citizenry. CWG is responsible for identifying areas within Government operations that can be improved with the integration of Technology to ensure overall efficiencies and operational excellence. Our partnership with the various levels of Government improves service delivery to citizens and increases contribution to the GDP of the economy. Some of these CWG E-Government solutions which are adaptable in either the Executive, Legislature or Judiciary arms of the Government creates avenues for revenue collection, accountability and transparency, whilst ensuring excellence in operations. Our involvement in the Government sector supports the CWG strategy of deploying Technology solutions that enable growth.


The Emergent Business Sector is positioned and poised to provide ICT solutions for a wider range of emerging markets. These could spring up in varying sectors spanning through the Healthcare Industry, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, Education, SMEs, Agriculture, Transportation, Retail Businesses, NGOs, Real Estate, Logistics & Distribution, Professional bodies and much more.

The business landscape is constantly evolving as are the needs of the populace of any developing economy; hence CWG’s Emergent Business Sector is constantly seeking ground breaking solutions for tackling would-be or existing challenges that would invariably lead to economic growth. Technology is the life stream of every economy and the emerging market sector is always ‘live’ with the need for many technology platforms the business can deploy, establish or integrate to ensure economic stability.