As a leading provider of IT services across Africa, CWG operates a firmly established partnership network that connects businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers, utilizing value-added services to help them efficiently drive processes, and improve across their respective activities.

With over two decades of immense contribution to the Information Communication and Technology Sector, CWG has continuously remained a benchmark for excellence in Africa. We believe in and pursue an excellent service culture, and deliver our operations through global best practices using its ISO9001 certification process across the entire group.

Over time, we have received a number of accolades from our partners, clients, customers, media, and professional bodies as a result of our service excellence and increased performance. Most recently, The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognized CWG as a Global Growth Company.

CWG began operation in Nigeria on September 26th, 1992 as Computer Warehouse Limited, catering to computer hardware projects. A few years later, DCC Network was established as the Communication arm to provide VSAT, Metropolitan, Wide Area, and Local Area to Corporate Organizations. In order to concentrate on the emerging areas in the Software space, Expert Edge Software was established in 1999.

In 2003, we expanded our services to Ghana, with the aim of catering to the broader West African region in our bid to position Africa to maximize the future. In 200, Computer Warehouse Group was incorporated to coordinate and monitor the activities of three subsidiary companies: CWL, DCC, and Expert Edge, thus freeing the Group company to act as the Head Office providing shared resources function for the subsidiaries. This enabled the organization to coordinate activities from a central point to make them more general and customer-focused.

In February 2008, due to the giant strides being made by the company, Abraaj Group, a Private Equity company, became interested and invested in the company. In pursuit of its Pan-African vision, CWG expanded the base of its operations and established offices in Uganda in 2010 and Cameroon in 2012, thus extending its reach to East and Central Africa. In March 2012, these subsidiaries ceased to exist as separate entities but as divisions as they merged into Computer Warehouse Group.

In November 2013, Computer Warehouse Group listed its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and became a Public Company. This listing boosted the market capitalization of the NSE by 14 billion naira, making CWG the highest capitalized security in the ICT sector. The listing also marked the first listing on the exchange after the launch of the X-Gen trading engine.