Software Services

CWG is a market leader in the areas of software development and deployment, systems integration, software implementation, software support services and software enhancement and customization. Some of our software solutions and services provide automation & customization solution for the businesses using software tools sourced from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Oracle, SAP, M2M, Newgen and Infosys Technology. CWG also provides the expertise required in the implementation, support, customization and training on the use of these software tools.

E-Government Solution

CWG’s e-government solution creates an avenue to boost government activities and revenue amid various economic challenges. This platform focuses on improving Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of all tiers of government. Some of CWG IGR product are as seen below:

Third Party Insurance System:: The 3PI System is a web application that enables users to manage vehicle registration, insurance and law enforcement. This system has been designed to aggregate the directory of all vehicles registered in a specified domain. 3PI helps to sanitize the Vehicular Insurance Domain with a transparent system and generate legitimate revenue for the government.

SMERP: The permit system is a software platform that allows for setup and management of permits such as Building permits, Stamp duty, Gambling permits, Business permits, Liquor permits, etc.


The growth of the Nigerian power sector is hampered by huge power losses due to improper metering and power theft. Our solution makes it possible to detect theft and alert the power companies with the precise location in real time. This system uses microcomputers mounted on pole top units which determine when energy flow is affected. SMART Utility Systems enables you to enhance income and sustain growth by overcoming the challenges of poor power metering, illegal connections and conduct energy use audits with ease.

Payment Terminal Solution

Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP): CWG competently deploys, customizes, supports and maintains Point-of-Sales terminals on behalf of banks (acquirers). CWG has a POS monitoring tool which allows authorized merchants to view their terminals remotely through a web browser. CWG was awarded PTSP license by the Central Bank of Nigeria in February 2015. Since then, the company has built its capacity and infrastructure to ensure efficient service delivery and also provide support services on a regular basis.

Managed Services

CWG Managed Services simplifies the management of customers’ computing environment, optimizes the operations, reduces IT pressure and helps control costs while improving service levels. Our Managed Services apply best practices as defined by the IT Service Management (ITSM) Reference Model, which is based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). We also have a dedicated Service Desk Outsourcing Services which focuses on the support of Organizations’ hardware and software related issues within suitable Service Level Agreement, while ensuring that the organization has very minimal downtime.


Being the flagship business, CWG’s hardware infrastructure boasts expertise in the supply, installation, integration and support of hardware, operating and middleware systems, Automated Teller Machines (“ATM”) as well as servers and storage. CWG has a high market share in Ghana, and is a key provider of ICT solutions in the West African sub-region and also supports over 4,000 ATMs for a variety of banks. In the telecommunications sector, the hardware division is engaged with a large GSM operator for which it supplies, installs and supports high-end Oracle/Sun enterprise servers and storage infrastructure. 

Data Center Colocation Service

CWG provides collocation services that allow organizations to keep their data without upfront investment in hardware. We place utmost priority in the provision of physical rack space, 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply, IP/Internet Connection, end to end Data center managed services and teleport services.

ATM Deployment

Given the challenges of ownership of AT`Ms by banks and to support the Financial Inclusion strategies of the government, CWG is proposing ATM AAS as an outsourcing service to financial services institutions (FSIs). Through this service, CWG ensures the deployment of ATMs and other accessories to identified locations. CWG ensures that the ATMs are always functional with proper support and maintenance services. This facilitates reduction of operational costs as well as enables banks focus on their core banking operations.


The e-gaming system is a web application that automates the regulation, promotion, control and taxation of gaming activities. The platform enables monitoring & enforcement of proprietors and agents within any state.