EMC² has the range of products and Solutions

Information Storage VMAX Family, VNX Family, Isilon, Atmos, Xtrem Family, VSPEX, ScaleIO, DSSD
Archiving, Backup, and Recovery Avamar, DataDomain, NetWorker, Mozy, Spanning, RecoverPoint, Centera, SourceOne  
Storage and Content Management Storage Resource Management Suite, Service Assurance Suite, ViPR
Enterprise content management Documentum, Syncplicity, Captiva, ApplicationXtender  
Virtualization VMware, VPLEX
Services Consulting, Customer support, Education Services, Managed Services, Technology Services and Solutions
Security/Compliance RSA Security
Cloud computing VCE, VSPEX, ECS
Data Computing Greenplum, Pivotal

Mid-Range to High-Level Storage

Give mission-critical file and block workloads what they demand enterprise storage arrays. Designed as a data services platform, it lets you provision resources to meet service level objectives in a single click. Scale up your performance and scale out your capacity, and cost effectively.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased consolidation and reduced TCO
  • Ease of Integration and Management
  • Unisphere™
  • Dynamic back end
  • Federated Live Migration cluster support


CWG’s capacity to offer the solution

  • CWG is certified by EMC to design, install and implement EMC Entry level and med-range EMC storages (VNXe,VNX Family). CWG also co-implement with EMC on Enterprise Storage (Symetrix VMAX) and other EMC Solutions e.g Backup Solution, Disaster Recovery etc.
  • CWG also has certifications and trained Engineers for EMC Solutions.

Benefits to the customers

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased consolidation and reduced TCO
  • ROI
  • Ease of Integration and Management
  • Customer reference(s)
    • MTN Nigeria
    • Etisalat Nigeria
    • MainOne Cable
    • FCMB
    • Jubilee Insurance Ltd, Kampala Uganda

    Target Market

    • High-end customer
    • Mid-range customer
    • Entry level customer







    NetApp has the range of products and Solutions:-


    Product category Products/Services
    Data Storage FAS8000,FAS2500,E5600, E2700
    Disk Shelves DS2246, DS4243, DS4246
    Converged Infrastructure FlexPod & NetApp EVO:RAIL
    Software Data ONTAP OS, Cloud ONTAP, SANtricity OS, Data ONTAP Edge, OnCommand Management Software, Data Protection Software, FlexArray Virtualization Software


    NetApp Mid-range to High-Level– delivers enterprise-class features with less complexity.

    The challenge for small and medium businesses and remote and branch offices is to manage growing data requirements with minimal cost and maintenance. Consistent performance delivery is expected. Managing data is becoming more complex. And resources, space, and power are limited.



    Was designed to meet your business requirements by providing you reliable storage when you need it. Pay-as you-grow flexibility makes the ideal solution for companies of all sizes facing rapid, unpredictable growth.

    Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) – simplify the management of traditional RAID groups by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives.

    Modular Flexibility – offers multiple form factors and drive technology options to best meet customer requirements.

    Maximum Storage Density – is designed for capacity intensive environments that also require efficient data center space, power, and cooling utilization.

    Proven Data Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability – is based on a field-proven architecture that delivers high reliability and greater than 99.999% availability.

    Intuitive Management – NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager Software offers a combination of rich features and ease of use. Storage administrators appreciate the extensive configuration flexibility, which allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement.


    CWG’s capacity to offer the solution

    • NetApp Implementation Engineer Professional
    • NetApp Accredited Sales Associate
    • NetApp Certified Backup and Recovery Implementation Engineer
    • NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator
    • NetApp Certified SAN Implementation Engineer
    • NetApp Systems Engineer Professional
    • NetApp E-Series Platform Partner SE Professional
    • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Partner SE Professional
    • NetApp Accredited Technical Sales Professional


    Benefits to the customers

    • Lower Storage TCO
    • Improving Utilization
    • Optimized Performance – Purpose-built for block storage environments, the efficient performance design is well suited for a wide range of mixed workloads.
    • Application Integration and Operations – it integrates into enterprise business application environments through its application-aware plug-ins for VMware®, along with databases such as Oracle® databases, and Microsoft® SQL Server®


    Customer reference(s)

    • MTN Nigeria
    • Glo Nigeria
    • Zenith Bank
    • Stanbic PFA
    • UBA

    Target Market

    • High-end customer
    • Mid-range customer
    • Entry level customer
    • IBMProducts & Solutions:
      Products Models/Services
      Servers S: (S812L,S814,S822,S822L,S824,S824L) E: (E870 1N, E870 2N, E880 1N, E880 2N, E880 4N)
      Hybrid Storage Systems Storwize V7000, DS8880, XIV, IBM EXP2500, IBM Flash System Storage
      Tape Storage E:TS4500,TS3500,TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway,TS7740&TS7720 M:TS4500,TS3500,TS3310 Entry:TS3200,TS3100
      Security & Compliance QRadar SIEM solution, QRadar Log Manager, IBM Cloud Security Enforcer
      Enterprise Content Management IBM Content Mgt & Imaging, IBM Advanced Case Mgt, IBM Information Lifecycle Governance
      Cloud Computing & Services SoftLayer



      Mid-Range to Enterprise Servers

      Mid-Range: IBM Power Systems 1 and 2 socket servers provide the ideal foundation for scale-out data and cloud environments, with the economic advantages and security you need to confidently move more data-centric applications to the cloud. With over twice the bandwidth as prior generation servers and a 65% system utilization guarantee, these systems allow open infrastructures to scale out intelligently with less hardware, power, and cooling requirements.


      Enterprise: Power Systems enterprise servers are designed for big data, from operational to computational to business. They are optimized for performance and can scale to support demanding and growing workloads. Power Systems will help you deliver on the promise of cloud and take advantage of superior cloud economics. You can reap the benefits of improved economics associated with fewer scale-out systems. Leveraging the robust security built into the foundation of Power Systems, you gain the confidence you need to move more workloads to the cloud, capitalize on greater efficiencies and do more.




      • High performance
      • Reliability Availability & Serviceability
      • Capacity and Expandability via Capacity on demand features
      • Efficient resource utilization with reduction in power consumption


      Value Proposition

      • Deliver new capabilities for mobile applications
      • Delivering open innovation revolutionizing the way IT is developed and delivered
      • Designed for the demands for big data and analytics
      • Better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructure
      • Delivering rapid ROI while transforming how critical business services are delivered
      • Specialized solution for Linux infrastructure




      Mid-Range to Enterprise Storage

      Mid-Range: The IBM mid-range storage family systems provides the qualities required to support analytics workloads, delivering new levels of efficiency to reduce data storage demands, achieving superior performance to accommodate ever-changing workloads, and demonstrating the high level of resiliency needed to provide reliable access to data for analytics.


      Enterprise: IBM Enterprise flash storage is designed to accelerate the applications that drive business.

      Powered by FlashCore technology, IBM FlashSystem 900 delivers the extreme performance, MicroLatency, enterprise reliability and operational efficiencies required for gaining competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.



      • Accelerate critical applications with the scalable performance of IBM FlashCore technology
      • Deploy all flash storage for less than the cost of hard disk drives with Real-time data compression
      • Harness the power of data with storage virtualization powered by the ultra-low response times of IBM MicroLatency
      • Accelerate time to value with agile, easy to implement , fully integrated systems
      • Leverage Macro-efficiency for higher storage density, lower power consumption and greater resource utilization
      • Protect critical assets and ensure enterprise reliability with IBM Variable stripe RAID redundant components and full suite of disaster recovery tools, including snapshots, clones and replication.


      Value Proposition

      • Faster response times to requests for information not withstanding database size
      • High reduction in machine latency thus enabling better resource utilization and faster time to decision
      • With the 2U rack space required, there is reduction in infrastructure floor space
      • Reduction in power consumption
      • Cloud ready machines that can handle big data and analytics workloads thereby enabling risk aware decision making and thus providing competitive edge for organizations





      Mid-Range to Enterprise Tape

      Mid-Range: IBM Tape storage delivers the density that today’s and tomorrow’s data growth requires, along with the cost efficiency and the manageability to grow with business data needs while preserving existing investments in IBM tape library products. Now, organizations can achieve both a low cost per terabyte (TB) and a high TB density per square foot. In fact, TS4500 can store up to 5.5 PBs of data in a single 10 square-foot library, more than three times the capacity of IBM TS3500 Tape Library.


      Enterprise: IBM TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help midsized and large enterprises respond to storage challenges. These challenges include high data volumes and the growth in data centers, increasing cost of data center storage footprints, the difficulty of migrating data across vendor platforms and increased complexity of IT training and management as staff resources shrink.



      • Provide high capacity storage backup for IT Infrastructure and low total cost of ownership
      • Store removable cartridges to protect them from viruses, sabotage and corruption
      • Support scalability by simply adding more tape cartridges versus drives
      • Add data protection by moving portable media offsite
      • Shorten backup windows and enable rapid data restores with virtual tape
      • Address security compliance requirements using encryption and Write Once Read Many (WORM) technologies


      Value proposition

      • Reduced costs by storing 2.4x more data in the same space with new LTO Gen 7 tape drives
      • Archive and recover historical data up to 87% faster over previous generation tape drives
      • Expand capacity by 11x with the enhanced TS4500 Tape Library and LTO 7



      Customer reference(s)

      • MTN Nigeria
      • Glo Nigeria
      • Zenith Bank
      • Stanbic PFA
      • UBA
      • Skye Bank
      • Heritage Bank

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