CWG X INFOSYS: Connecting the world from Africa with Finacle

For over the last 3 decades, banks have taken a more customer-centric approach to operation, one that is heavily fueled and influenced by technology. From ATMs that enabled the drastic reduction of bank queues to the internet that brought our banks into our pockets. This led to financial service institutions constantly in search of innovative solutions that put them in the lead in offering the best to their customers. These technological solutions offer the potential to dramatically decrease operational costs, improve the quality of financial information and make banking more accessible. 

Innovation and personalized products and services are what attract and retain today’s banking customers. This is the characteristic of a progressive bank. 

Since 2007, CWG in partnership with Infosys has digitally transformed the operations of core banking initiatives in top financial service institutions across Africa with Finacle. 

Finacle is a core banking solution that enables banks with digital banking functionalities. It helps traditional and emerging financial institutions drive truly digital transformation to achieve frictionless customer experiences, larger ecosystem play, insights-driven interactions, and ubiquitous automation. It provides banks with the needed infrastructure to take new banking products to market as swiftly as possible. 

It is a solution that helps banks gain a comprehensive set of capabilities, including flexible product factories, extensive parameterization, product bundling, and reusable business components, to help accelerate innovation-led growth. 

Through this partnership, we have implemented over 14 core banking initiatives with over 10 million daily transactions and are servicing over 30 million accounts with over 20,000 users in over 2000 branches across various top financial institutions and with a highly integrated interface, there is no limit to what the financial service sector can achieve with Finacle. 

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