Corporate Governance

CWG strongly believes that good corporate governance fosters openness, transparency, accountability, honesty, selflessness, integrity, good leadership, and effective monitoring of performance in every corporate setting.

As a company quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, CWG places a lot of importance on its responsibility to protect and increase shareholder and stakeholder values.

The Board of Directors of CWG (“the Board”) considers itself as a trustee of the Company’s stakeholders and acknowledges its responsibilities towards safeguarding their interests in the Company.

In line with its vision to be the most preferred tech solutions company out of Africa, trusted by its customers to deliver innovative and value driven ICT products and services with excellence at its core, CWG aspires to be a global IT industry benchmark for value creation and good corporate governance.

The Company’s corporate governance practice is evident in its Board and Management structures, as well as the principles applied in the day-to-day activities of the Company.

In addition to its corporate governance policy document, the Company complies with the Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission. CWG continuously reviews its corporate governance policy in order to conform to additional compliance requirements and changes in global best practices.

The Company also has an Ethics and Conduct Policy which encapsulates the Company’s ethical values, and which all employees undertake to comply with in their relationship with both internal and external stakeholders.