Computer Virtualization

This comprises of two sub categories: Client Solution and Data Center Computer Solution.

Client Solutions

End User Computing: We provide various approaches to computing that will better integrate end users into the computing environment. Relying on our support structure, you have the capacity of you running Windows desktops and applications from any location, scale quickly to meet changing business needs and safeguard sensitive corporate resources

Enterprise Mobility: Business Mobility allows users access to any application from any device and provides lines of business with the power to innovate. It is built on a mobile-cloud architecture that centralizes core services, simplifies management, and meets both user and business expectations.


Data Center

Infrastructure as a Service: We provide computer resources through the internet or on premises without upfront investment in hardware.
Virtualization: Virtualization solutions will help you reduce your running costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers.
Cloud: Our cloud services will Increase your IT agility and flexibility across on-premises and cloud resources, leveraging on virtualization solutions.

Key Features
Our solutions includes:
1. Investment optimization for improved ROI (return on investment)
2. Reduced cost of ownership
3. Simplified IT management
4. Ease of solution scale and IT flexibility

CWG’s capacity to offer the solution
1. We have a pool of skilled and experienced personnel.
2. Excellent support coverage
3. Over two decades of experience in the provision of business enabling IT solutions
4. Established partnership relationship with leading global ICT players
5. Excellent track record in service delivery

Benefits to the customers
1. Efficient service delivery
2. Access to 24/7 support services
3. Reduced cost of doing business


Customer references
Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria
StanbicIBTC Bank, Nigeria
First Bank of Nigeria
BrassLNG, NIgeria
Addax Petroleum, Nigeria
Lagos Business School, Nigeria
MTN Nigeria
Eco Bank
Vodafone, Ghana
Ghana Commercial Bank, Ghana

Target Market (all sectors)
1. Financial
2. Government
3. Education
4. Health
5. Manufacturing
6. Oil and Gas

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