SMERP: This is an Enterprise Resource Planning platform built to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) manage their business operations efficiently. It is user-friendly and has the following features:

  • Accounting Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Order tracking
  • Tailored to suit different business segments
  • Payments are on subscription basis

Visit www.smerp.ng for more information on SMERP

E-Government Solution

CWG’s e-government solution creates an avenue to boost government activities and revenue amid various economic challenges. This platform focuses on improving Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of all tiers of government. One of CWG IGR product is as seen below:

Third Party Insurance System:: The 3PI System is a web application that enables users to manage vehicle registration, insurance and law enforcement. This system has been designed to aggregate the directory of all vehicles registered in a specified domain. 3PI helps to sanitize the Vehicular Insurance Domain with a transparent system and generate legitimate revenue for the government.

SMERP: The permit system is a software platform that allows for setup and management of permits such as Building permits, Stamp duty, Gambling permits, Business permits, Liquor permits, etc. The features of the system are as follows:

  • Self Service
  • Flexible Permit Setup
  • Form Designer
  • Fee Calculator


CWG Smart Utility Solution (SUS) is a solution offered to power companies in order to efficiently manage and monitor energy flow to end users. SUS provides a theft prevention solution, Energy audit, Demand Side Management, Real Time Billing Efficiency and Network Asset Management

Our Smart Utility has the capacity to significantly reduce the challenges witnessed in the power sector. Some of the challenges include the huge Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT & C) losses due to poor metering, theft through meter tampering or illegal connections and non- existence of energy audit. CWG solves these issues by using a Pole Top Unit (PTU) mounted on each distribution poles. This measures current flow of all distribution lines from the distribution transformer to the customers. We develop, implement, install, manage and provide technical support on the solution.

Visit www.cwgsmartpower.com.ng for more information


  • Reduction in AT&C losses by detecting overhead theft / illegal connections of electricity on real time basis.
  • Remote disconnection on non-payment consumers
  • Accurate metering/billing thus eliminates estimated billing system.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Prompt notification of exact point of illegal theft connections and meter bypass.

Payment Terminal Solution

Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP): CWG competently deploys, customizes, supports and maintains Point-of-Sales terminals on behalf of banks (acquirers). CWG has a POS monitoring tool which allows authorized merchants to view their terminals remotely through a web browser. CWG was awarded PTSP license by the Central Bank of Nigeria in February 2015. Since then, the company has built its capacity and infrastructure to ensure efficient service delivery and also provide support services on a regular basis.

visit https://www.edgeverve.com/finacle/appcenter/app/payment-terminal-service-provider-ptsp/ for more 


  • Designed to suit Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Systems (NIBSS) high standards and industry best practices.
  • Maximum uptime on all terminals
  • Short turnaround time on issues
  • Supports business management tools such as SMERP.
  • Scalable solutions developed to suit customer’s specific needs
  • Fast set up and deployment to merchant location


CWG’s BillsNPay provides a robust Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment service that enhances customer engagement, increases propensity for bill payment, decreases overhead (cost of paper-based bill generation and delivery) and improved customer retention. BillsNPay takes the hassle of setting up a hosted and branded site off Billers and gives the Billers customers a range of features to view old and new bills, manage and pay their bills, check payment history and also consolidate bills from various billers. It is a repository of bills from different billers and a centralized portal where consumers can view and manage all their different bills.

visit https://www.billsnpay.com/ for more