Bringing you to the future: The Journey towards a cloud lifestyle

The use of cloud computing is exploding, with enterprise applications migrating to the public cloud and organizations becoming more cloud-native in their deployments. Edge computing adoption is picking up pace as hyper-scale cloud providers develop solutions to distribute their cloud capabilities closer to the edge.

While cloud demand is on the increase , we cannot help, but highlight the increase in insecurity, unreliability and financial burdens thrust upon users and customers for the cost of cloud services.

Hence the need to localize networking and storage solutions to power the needs of modern businesses thereby relieving workload across owner data centers, partner data centers, private, public and collocations which will introduce us to the fast-paced journey to trailing the blaze for the next and desperately desired upgrade to current modern business demands and its future.

As part of its commitment to power impactful solutions that position Africa to maximize the future, CWG has partnered with Zadara to eliminate data sovereignty; thereby bringing the cloud closer to Africa. 

Thought leaders who have vast practical experience in championing digital transformation initiatives in different sectors will share their views on the subject matter on Thursday, February 17, 2022. To participate please click here and register for the event.

Event Theme: Bringing you to the future: The Journey towards a cloud lifestyle

Date: February 17, 2022


      Adewale Adeyipo

Group CEO



      Austin Okere




      Tal Rotem

Sales Director, South Europe, Middle East and Africa



      Dr. Krish Ranganath

Chief Technology Officer

Africa Data Centres