We leverage our performances to build brand equity, says CWG MD

The newly appointed Ag. Group Managing Director, CWG Plc, Adewale Adeyipo, has revealed that the company is set to provide more qualitative services to its numerous customers and clients in the coming years.

Mr. Adeyipo disclosed this during an interactive session with newsmen at the company’s office in Lagos.

He highlighted that the company was working assiduously to attain its vision of becoming the number one IT Platform Service provider in Africa.

Mr. Adeyipo declared the organisation’s resolve to allow various business units within its portfolio operate independently. The units are ATM business, IGR business, Metering business, software business, and gaming business among others.

Asked what CWG Plc was doing to maximise its brand equity in the past 26 years, he said: “I think our performance and heritage are a couple of the major things that we have leveraged in the last five years. I was in Abuja yesterday for some engagements with one of the major parastatals. We had about seven other multinationals and CWG Plc was the only indigenous company there and at the end of the entire engagement, we were shortlisted to about three companies. Yet, CWG Plc happened to be one of the top three companies competing with major international brands.”

Explaining further he said: “The only reason we have been able to do that is based on the past records that we have built. We will continue to leverage the brand equity to further support and give value to the individuals and organisations that have trusted us enough to invest in our company.”

Expatiating on its plan in decentralising the overall business and giving room for each business entity to thrive on its own, the Acting Group Managing Director, considered it imperative for the various businesses to grow as an entity of its own and with its own divisional heads.

“I can conveniently tell you that these different business units that we have are different organisations in their own right and if you go by the projection of what we have, I think we are going to do great going forward.”

“Whatever strategies the divisional heads are expected to come up with and roll-out to the market, would be in concordance with the overall CWG vision,” he explained. As it will all fit within the five strategic pillars roadmap being deployed to optimise the company’s operational efficiency.

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