ow Covid-19 Aided Unified Cooperative Platform to Gain More Acceptance – CWG

Nigeria’s CWG Plc has attributed the huge acceptance its Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP) gained in Nigeria in the last few months to the ravaging Covid-19 which has forced many people and organizations to work virtually.

Speaking through Lateef Fadeyi, Product Manager UCP, the company said the Covid-19 situation helped a lot of people to understand the importance of automation. Thus, the rise in usage of the UCP, a technology solution that meets the operational needs of Cooperative Societies.

Fadeyi noted that though Covid-19 pandemic has discouraged social gathering, the element that members of cooperative societies can do everything without hassles on the Unified Cooperative Platform has helped them to understand the importance of automation.

“The fact that members of cooperative societies can do more on Unified Cooperative Platform; apply for loans, make contributions, view their ledgers and read minutes of meeting without gathering makes the platform very acceptable during this period,” he emphasized.

Fadeyi added that the Unified Cooperative Platform will continue to create jobs as one of its strategies is to create employment for people who will serve as sales/training agents while introducing the platform to cooperative societies across the country.

Explaining how the platform is designed to accommodate all cadres of people in the society, Fadeyi said the UCP is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform that can accommodate both the literate and non-literate, as it comes with assisted service option, which allows members who are not computer-literate to visit their cooperative’s secretariat and be offered assistance to perform their operations.

The Unified Cooperative Platform is designed with several security measures in place to prevent the loss of data.  It is integrated into a secure payment gateway which allows cooperatives and member to make payments from their commercial banks thereby reducing cooperative process time.

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