Health: CWG To Help Nigerians Access Approved Health Care Providers Anywhere in Nigeria

Over time, timely access to Health care in the country has become a challenge especially in Rural areas. While various reforms have been put forward by the Nigerian government to address the wide ranging issues in the health care system.

Findings by TnTv Network’s Health Correspondent, Daniel Kolawole reveals that Pan-African Information and Communications Technology Company, CWG has been working with approved Health Maintenance Organization (HMOs) using its Health Exchange Platform to ensure that HMOs reach all categories of Nigerians that require health care. The aim is to provide the needed tools where Nigerians can use their phones and/or internet and get across to approved health care providers in the country.

Information made available by CWG’s Head of Software and Innovations, Francis Okechukwu, notes that; CWG Plc has been strategically working in different areas of Nigeria’s economy. Aside from the financial sector, they are working with most of the banks in Nigeria in deploying alternative channels that leverages on the internet and mobile banking and other sectors,”

He said in its innovative prowess to help transform the economy with technology, CWG has been working with financial institutions to provide a means for financial inclusion for all tiers of the customer, using agency tools such as the Vericash platform to help the financial institutions on agency operations.

Another technology innovation is the Cooperative Society Platform that is being deployed by thousands of Cooperatives societies in Nigeria to provide platforms for their members’ contribution, accountability and accurate reporting. He argued that with the Unified Cooperative Platform (UCP), members can now make contributions from the comfort of their home or remotely without being physically in the Cooperative society premises.

Expectedly, with the strategies put in place by CWG to deploy its technology expertise in areas like; health, banking, transportation, telecom, government agencies and the judiciary. It is estimated that, Nigeria could take a bigger bite of the global digital economy—worth an estimated $11.5 trillion in 2016—by strengthening its digital infrastructure, unlocking investment, boosting skills training for its youth population, and implementing reforms to create jobs and economic diversification

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