CWG’s Adewale speaks on the company’s plans, prospects for 2019

The Acting Group Chief Executive Officer of CWG PLC, Mr. Adewale Adeyipo last Friday at the Company’s Corporate Headquarters in Lagos, engaged the media on his 2019 plans and prospects for CWG.

At the media engagement, which lasted over two hours, Adewale disclosed that, though his plans were not far from what CWG has always been known for, he will work closely with his team to continue to grow and improve the CWG’s competency framework on services leveraging the existing customer base to scale-up to service other sectors and verticals.

“Today, we have over 200 resources supporting the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria and other operations in Africa. We have over 100 skilled resources (level 2-4) in Nigeria responsible for support and customization of Finacle core banking solutions, managed services, end-user interface, and specific audience targeted training, resource augmentation, data migration, and 3rd party integration; these and more we plan to improve on,” he stated.

Adewale, who was appointed Acting Group CEO, effective January 1st, 2019 and has worked in varying capacities for almost 11 years in CWG, added that he foresaw a situation where the various units of the company will begin to function as its own organization by every scale.

“Though, we operate inside one organization, the ATM Business, Banking Software unit, Gaming Business or the CWG academy are all large entities and they ought to be treated as such. These units all have a clear strategy and roadmap based on the dynamics and realities of their business and market landscape,” he said.

He disclosed that CWG is currently operating under five strategic pillars; Growth, Profits, Liquidity, Brand, Dividend, under which all units must run. The pillars have therefore warranted a realignment that will see the possible appointment Divisional Heads per Business Unit, who will ultimately shape the direction and future of CWG.

Speaking of the prospects and expansion plans for CWG, Adewale noted that the company has identified key opportunities, which it will leverage for its expansion plan. He believes that if CWG concentrates on the existing platforms and opportunities it currently has, it will be deploying solutions for organizations that have not embraced IT before now.

“For us, the emergence of the tier 3 and 4 Financial Institutions created a lot of opportunities. We see the drive from most organizations to embrace technology to drive business process optimization, promote better operational efficiency and to create platforms for new revenue streams. All these have created a lot of opportunities for IT companies like CWG who are focused on deploy technology solutions that ultimately enable growth,” he said.

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