CWG urges govt to develop clear national digital policy

Pan-African Information and Communication Technology Company, CWG Plc has advised the Federal government to develop a National Digital Policy that focuses on people and processes, while maintaining a citizen-centric view.

The Head, Information Technology at CWG Plc, Mr.Marcel Odiboh gave the advice as one of the panelists during the Fourth Edition of the Information Communication Technology & Telecommunications (ICTEL) Exhibition, organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) recently in Lagos.

Odiboh said that the first step for the Government to develop a digitized environment is to rethink and focus on incorporating digital systems into government core business model, and then tap into utilization of the various technologies to achieve its digital strategy.

He asserted that in considering the digitalization process of a country, it is imperative to understand and develop a strategy and not necessarily the technology, adding that once, the strategy is right, deploying the technology becomes easy in driving digitalization.

According to him, many of the mistakes with government agencies in adopting digitalization stem from first considering technology without having the right strategy in mind.

He explained that this does not work most of the time, while citing that three critical factors of People, Process, and Technology must be considered.

He said that technology comes last in this regard as it is an enabler to achieve an end result, stressing that some of these technologies are already available within the stable of CWG Plc, touted as Nigeria’s biggest integration company.

Odiboh stated that CWG provides technology services that power more than 60 per cent of businesses in the Financial Industry in Nigeria and 50 per cent in the Telecoms Industry and Government sectors, including providing solutions that enable the growth of the emerging business sectors and utility sectors.

Presently, he added, that CWG is championing a Smart Metering Solution that is gradually revolutionizing the Nigerian Energy Sector.

He enthused that the CWG Smart metering solution with embedded Meters have their communication systems, software for capturing data and the system for helping people remotely disconnect, reconnect their meters.

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