CWG unveils smart meter technology

L-R: Executive Director Sales and Marketing, CWG Plc, Chief Executive Officer CWG Plc, Mr James Agada, Chairman Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA), Emman Okonji and Vice President Corporate Development CWG Plc, Daniel Shobhan Das during NITRA 3rd Quarterly Seminar held at the CWG Plc office, Lekki, Lagos.

As Nigerians continue to clamour for the issuance of pre-paid meters to halt the estimated tariff regime by the DISCOS, a technology firm, CWG plc has unveiled a smart meter technology that will be beneficial to both the DISCOS and customers in the country.

This piece of technology was introduced by the Chief Executive Officer CWG Plc, Mr James Agada to ICT journalists during the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) 3rd Quarterly Seminar held at the CWG Plc office at Lekki, Lagos.

In his presentation, titled “theft of power- meter by pass and overhead hooking”, the Vice President Corporate Development, CWG plc, Mr Daniel Shobham Das listed the benefits to DISCOS and customers as follows: securing the utility supply service line and stopping of meter bypass; improved network reliability and loss reduction for DISCOS; customer satisfaction as it offers customers the ability to reduce costs by not paying for illegal consumers; sustainable and predictable reduction at AT&C losses; ensuring correct revenue collection and improves stability of electricity supply.

Das disclosed that CWG has the prevention solution to energy theft which is perpetuated via paid power for lighter loads, meter bypass branch line for heavier loads and unpaid power done through meter stopped by the EMP jammer.

He noted that such attempt to bypass and jammed the meter is detected by the use of anti-power and theft technology.

He explained that personal can remotely manage energy consumption by setting limit on the time of usage, quantity of energy used and source of energy used.

He lamented that there exist known and paying but unbilled consumers outside the DISCO Billing Network, known and paying to corrupt official even with illegal meters thereby losing million Naira of amount due and million KWh of used energy units.

He described the unknown, non-paying, unbilled consumers as illegal, unknown customers outside DISCO information network who fly by night hooks, undetected permanent hooks and meter bypass.

According to him, CWG SUS-1Ph & 3Ph Smart meters consist of High speed 4G LTE Modem+Wifi Router inbuilt into CIU for wireless Internet Access, Remote OFF/ON of electric supply line, Mobile and Web based Token Recharge with manual option as a failsafe measure, web based dashboard view and control of the energy consumption.

While fielding question as to whether the equipment is done in line with local content, Das declared that local content should first be about intellectual property (IP) and that CWG was looking forward to mass producing it locally when they get the right machinery.

He underscored that CWG came to the market, made two pilot runs and has been working closely with the DISCOS.

He said that CWG provide smart meters with backend software to automatically collect meter reading and can make it to be pre-paid or postpaid and it is localized.

He added that the firm has the necessary software from pole to pole and want the DISCOs to do the right metering and make more money legally.

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