CWG to tackle power distribution leakages with new metering technology

CWG Plc, a technology solution company, has sent a proposal to the federal government on how to block leakages among electricity distribution companies (Discos), through a new metering technology that comes with electricity theft prevention device.

The new technology, which has full local content development, was conceptualised and designed locally by CWG, in partnership with a foreign firm. The technology, according to the firm, is capable of generating more revenue for government and the Discos, while blocking electricity leakages and providing better payment options for electricity consumers.

Discussing the new technology at a seminar organised for Technology Editors in Lagos recently, the Group Chief Executive Officer, CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada, said the company has the capacity to partner with Discos for the full deployment of the new metering technology that comes with electricity theft prevention devices.

The solution, he said, would be an added service for the Discos to solve the energy crises in the country, which he said do not come from power generation, but from power distribution. The new meter has multi-functions with backend software, mobile app, WiFi enabled and could be used as postpaid or prepaid metre.

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