CWG Remodels Business For Effective Service Delivery

The Ag. Group Managing Director, CWG plc, Mr. Wale Adeyipo, has reeled out his strategic thrust for business remodelling to move the company to the next level in delivery of ICT services in Africa.

According to him “the remodelling will be anchored on five pillars which are Growth, Profits, Liquidity, Brand and Dividend. As part of the remodelling, each unit in CWG can become an organization by every scale. Whether it’s the ATM Business, the banking Software unit, the Gaming Business, the CWG academy and lots more, these are large entities and they ought to be treated as such.

“We will operate inside one organization, several units that see themselves as an organization with a clear strategy and roadmap based on the dynamics and realities of their business and market landscape. It cannot be one size fits all.

“We will continue to grow and improve our competency framework on services leveraging the existing customer base to scale-up to other sectors and verticals.

“Today, we have over 200 resources supporting the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria and other operations in Africa. We have over 100 skilled resources (level 2-4) in Nigeria responsible for support and customization on Finacle core, treasury, managed services, end-user, and specific audience targeted training, resource augmentation, data migration, and 3rd party integration.

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