CWG Makes Case for IaaS as Cloud Offering Gains Traction in Nigeria

As cloud computing continues to gain traction in Nigeria, CWG Plc has said that organizations in the country will perform far better with the buy-in of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), as it will deliver fundamental compute, network and storage resources to consumers’ on-demand, over the internet, and on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The largest system integrator companies in Nigeria, CWG, believe Infrastructure-as-a-Service can provide dynamic, flexible servers, storage, and hardware for companies that seek to create, modify, and run their software platforms and applications.

“IaaS enables end-users to scale and shrink resources on an as-needed basis, reducing the need for high, up-front capital expenditures or unnecessary “owned” infrastructure, especially in the case of ‘spiky’ workloads,” said Adekunle Ajayi.

According to him, the IaaS technology helps the users to avoid the cost and complexity of purchasing and managing their physical servers, as every resource of IaaS is offered as an individual service component and the users only have to use the particular one, they need.

He added that CWG, which is a certified provider of Information and Communication Technology solutions services across West, Central, and Eastern Africa, has leveraged its strong partnership with best of breeds enterprise cloud-ready OEMs like VMware, Dell EMC, Hitachi, Veritas and Huawei to provide its customers with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions on demand and dynamically scaled based on-demands to meet the ever-changing business needs.

“CWG Plc as a Cloud Service Provider manages the IaaS infrastructure while the users can concentrate on installing, configuring and managing their software.

‘’As the cloud buyers rent a space in our virtual data center, they get access to the virtual data center through the internet. The IaaS provides the raw materials and basic infrastructure for IT and ensures affordability as the users only have to pay for the resources they use (pay-as-you-use).

‘’We enable the users to rent the virtual servers and storage while forming networks to tie them all together. While renting from us, users are essentially renting hardware along with the provisioning software that automates it,” he explained further.

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