CWG highlights new streams of income for telcos, discos

The Computer Warehouse Group says existing telecommunication and power infrastructure can generate new streams of revenue for businesses.

Speaking at an interactive session in Lagos, the Managing Director, CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada, said value-added services could be offered from existing data of Nigerians possessed by telcos and discos.

The CWG CEO added that customers’ addresses could be used for logistics and delivery services while statistics on energy or data consumption could be mined for income prediction and classification.

According to him, this concept was used in the design of CWG Smart Utility Solutions that offers Internet connectivity for up to 10 people with its 4G LTE Modem inbuilt into the Distribution Transformer Meters.

He said power firms could leverage the meters, with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi hotspot, to offer video distribution services, home automation and security services to users.

Agada said the existing Right of Way that power firms possessed could be used by telecom companies for fibre to home services.

“We are building meters that can create additional revenue streams for the discos. Some of our meters come with the capability to provide Wi-Fi in an area and you can stream video and do a lot of services. You can run advert which can generate a lot of revenue for discos,” he said.

He noted the CWG smart meters would address electricity theft, which had been a major problem affecting the revenue of power distribution companies, and that users would have access to a web interface to recharge, view bill, control and manage energy usage.

Agada revealed that already, the company was in talks with a number of discos, after which mass production and delivery of meters would be carried out.

Explaining more on the CWG’s Distribution Transformer Meters, the Vice President, Corporate Development at CWG, Daniel Shobhan Das, said an attempt to bypass or jam a meter could easily be detected.

He noted that illegal, unknown consumers outside disco network constituted the major users of electricity, which were unaccounted for.

“What we are bringing is a theft prevention system that ensures that meters are not bypassed and people cannot draw power illegally from the power lines,” he said.

Das said the theft prevention solution would secure the utility supply service line and stop meter bypass, improve network reliability and loss of revenue to discos.

He added, “There is customer satisfaction as it offers customers the ability to reduce costs by not paying for illegal consumers. It ensures correct revenue collection and improves stability of electricity supply.”

Speaking on the inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspots in the meters, Das said energy and data had become the lifeblood of any modern society and that it would be cost-effective to make meters with dual functions.

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