Best Remedy For COVID-19 Is Working from Home – CWG

The Group Head, Human Resources and General Services at CWG PLC, Mrs. Tinu Adeyemi disclosed that working from home is the most effective approach to curb Covid-19.

According to her, working from home would protect the workplace, the safety of staff and clients, stop the virus and ultimately, ensure business continuity.

“CWG Plc is a proactive company in technological advancement since its inception. CWG HR commenced her work-from-home policy months before the COVID-19 pandemic. And this has greatly aided the workforce to adjust accordingly during the pandemic.

“Our workforce stays productive and on track, while working remotely, because we have robust processes and system in place, we also do daily check-ins on teams, thereby providing emotional support to set priorities, foster connections and create a sense of normalcy. We think working from home is still the best approach to curb the COVID-19,” she explained.

Despite working from Home, Mrs Adeyemi revealed that CWG PLC put in place safety measures to ensure the excellent health and safety of staff, clients, and the communities where it operates.

“We implemented the NCDC guidelines. We made available PPEs for all essential staff who visit the office periodically and others on the field. We increased cleaning, sanitize frequently, screen at our entry gates, as well as follow the protocol on how to handle suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in cooperation with the local authorities”.

Adeyemi also maintained that business continuity in the COVID-19 era is intact and that CWG started identifying its critical business processes, activities, and assets and then carried out a risk assessment and business impact analysis in these areas.

“This has helped CWG evaluate alternatives and define the appropriate strategies to deliver the required degree of business continuity. Activating our work-from-home strategy ensured that our staff remains productive through collaborative platforms and specialized training on managing customers remotely.
“This approach has worked for us and is still working. A recent customer survey showed that our Net Promoter Score Index has significantly improved since the pandemic. With constant improvement in our business continuity program, CWG remains focused on delivering value to her customers,” she stated.

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