The pandemic has forever changed the way we work, with organisations having to migrate to the cloud to enable collaborative remote or hybrid-work environments.

Most businesses are tilting towards a fast and affordable migration to the cloud in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) positioning. These are organisations that are future-ready. Cloud is more secure and provides access to new, borderless markets. The defining feature of future-ready organisations is that they take significant steps in new technology investments such as cloud computing and cyber security amongst other enabling technologies.

Data security goes beyond storing and securing your data on the cloud. It involves effective ways of balancing various factors. Organisations must use security measures that are effective at reducing loss and preventing crimes to their property, their employees, and most importantly, their customers. These security measures must not exceed the budget and preferably, provide a measurable return on investment. The security program should also effectively manage risks to the organisation and its assets, including liability exposure for negligent or inadequate security.

Data Centre Colocation is a procedure through which an organisation can rent a physical office space, network, and other resources within an existing data centre to deploy its own data centre. It enables sharing of the existing pool of data centre resources to be used for deploying and accommodating data centre services for external organisations. Such data centres are also known as Carrier Hotels or Colos.

Typically, Data Centre Colocation is utilised within a Data Centre Colocation facility. Such a facility is like a Data Centre having sufficient floor space available for rental. The Data Centre Colocation facility provides the floor space, cooling, power, and physical security whereas organisations bring in their servers, storage, and/or applications. Data Centre Colocation primarily enables organisations to deploy a data centre facility without the need to buy or manage it.

On December 13, 2013, CWG launched its Data Centre Colocation service. We are the first data centre in West Africa to house a tier 1 Teleport used for data and broadcast services. It has been a solid 9 years of providing our clients with expertise on demand and top-level data services.

We provide collocation services that allow organisations to keep their data without upfront investment in hardware. We place utmost priority on the provision of physical rack space, 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply, IP/Internet Connection, end-to-end Data centre managed services, and teleport services. CWG’s Data Centre Colocation facility is state-of-the-art built to the highest standards required for today’s digital infrastructure and consistent with the CWG brand.

With the assurance of the high quality of service designed to meet business requirements for digital colocation and cloud infrastructure, our Data Centre Colocation facility offers businesses the opportunity to host infrastructure in a facility guaranteed to provide high levels of availability and rich connectivity with a global network of customers.